Your Guide to Buying Turf in Cambridge

Fresh turf is the only way to make sure your new lawn will be green, vibrant and has been given the best start in life. The turf Cambridge companies can offer varies considerably – always make sure you’re buying turf from a reputable supplier who sources it from the best nurseries. This is very important if you’re going to get the most out of your supply of turf and want to create the best possible lawn.

Some turf in Cambridge is only supplied to end users, that is, the homeowners and businesspeople who are purchasing turf for their particular project. Others will only supply business to business, selling to landscape gardeners, garden centres, greenskeepers, and other business people who are going to lay turf and look after it for their clients. It doesn’t really matter where you source your turf from in terms of the supply chain; what really matters is how fresh it is, and how it’s transported to you in order to maintain this freshness. It needs to be laid while still fresh so it can form a healthy lawn that will thrive in years to come.

Where turf comes from – its start in life really matters

When you’re buying turf from any supplier, it’s important to find out about its origins. This means delving beyond the supplier who is selling it to you, so you can understand whether it’s high quality and whether it will be the right option for you. Certain turf suppliers in Cambridge make a name for themselves, often because of their clients: some of the most prestigious will work with major golf courses, football stadiums, arenas, and others. It’s worth finding out about who else they supply to in the Cambridge area as well as further afield, and how the turf is used. For example, if you need turf for a high footfall area that isn’t exposed to much sunlight, you’ll want to know that the turf has been successfully used in other similar areas. Make your enquiries before committing to buying.

Transportation – it’s so important for keeping turf fresh

It’s not just important to know where turf comes from. It’s also essential that you know how it’s being transported, and where it’s being stored in the meantime. You need to know that your turf is going to be fresh, so these are all reasonable questions to ask. You must make sure that you can have turf delivered to you in Cambridge while it’s still fresh, so that it can be laid quickly and you’ll have the best chance of cultivating a beautiful, green lawn. Look out for a turf supplier that has its own fleet of delivery trucks and lorries, so that they’ll be more in control of deliveries and you can specify when and where you’d like your turf to be delivered. Some trucks will also have telescopic forklift trucks that will assist in the delivery of turf and make sure it arrives at the right place, safely and efficiently. Enquire about delivery options for turf to make sure you find the right supplier.