Winter Prep for Your Greenhouse

As we slip into Autumn, it is a great time to start preparing your garden and greenhouse for winter. By conducting proper up-keep of your greenhouse, you will help to prevent mould and disease from becoming a problem. A few steps to getting your greenhouse ready are:

Cleaning the greenhouse:

1. Remove seasonal plants
2. Sweep it out
3. Disinfect surfaces and floors with soap and water
4. Clean the roof cover with a mild detergent
5. Wash the entire structure and all gardening tools and accessories in the greenhouse
6. Take inventory of tools and possibly reorganise them
7. Clean off any shading paint to allow more sun and heat to enter in the winter
8. Ensure that after the clean, the greenhouse is thoroughly ventilated and dried out

Inspecting the greenhouse:

1. Ensure there are no cracks in the roof cover
2. Examine insulation (if present)
3. Consider adding additional insulation on the north facing wall
4. Inspect heating system (if present)
5. Inspect the ventilation system
6. Replace any cracked panes