Why your garden is a reflection of you

You may not think too much about it if you’re not an avid gardener, but your garden is something that you’ll be judged by, not just by your friends or family members, but your neighbours too. It’s natural in many ways. If you were to peep over your fence and look at your neighbour garden and see a great deal of clutter, an unmaintained lawn and no flowers whatsoever, you may judge them to be rather busy, messy or a more of an ‘indoor’ type of person. These are just a few thoughts that could spring to mind, and if on the other hand, they had a beautiful garden with a vibrant green lawn that’s well maintained, plenty of colourful flowers and cute decorations, you may just think they’re rather happy, creative and productive. So there you have it, your garden is a reflection of you, and even though it really doesn’t mean a great deal, it could be worth making a bit more of an effort if you aren’t already.