What you Need to Know Before Shifting to Automated Garage Opener

Automatic garage door opener provides a convenient and secure access to your home garage. Since inception in 1926, its design and operations have greatly revolved. Today, one can easily operate an opener using a remote control, a switch or a keypad lock placed adjacent to the door. Latest versions have a battery backup, timed close feature and are more energy efficient. There are three types of openers; chain drive opener, belt drive opener and screw drive opener.

Chain drive opener – It uses a metallic chain to move the door up and down. They are most used openers since they are affordable, can handle a heavy door load and have a long lifespan. They however make a lot of noise when not lubricated.

Belt drive opener- It is similar to chain drive; the only difference is that it uses a belt instead of a chain to move the door up and down. The belt is made from polyurethane, steel reinforced rubber or fibreglass. 

Screw driver opener

It uses a lifting mechanism that moves along lined tracks to lift the door up and down. It is more powerful and less noisy due to few moving parts.

A perfect garage door opener is the one that has enough power to effectively lift the door. It is also important for your opener to be secured since it gives an easy access to the garage, vehicles and other valuables in the garage. If you are considering buying a new opener, here are thing that you need to look for before making that final buying decision.

Safety and security

Garage doors can cause a serious injury or even death when it falls on human or an animal. A good door should be fitted with an automatic reverse feature to avoid accidents wherever there is a stationary object on its path. A good door should also be strong and not easy to broken into by thieves. Having a door that has motion sensor is preferable since it will prevent the door from closing in case there is movement of a kid or animal trapped inside the garage.


Different door openers have different mode of operation. One can choose a simple opener that uses a button or an easy to operate door that uses keyless entry and remote control. A good opener should be fitted with adequate lighting both in front and behind to ensure ease of operating the door anytime of the day.

Warranty and after sales support

A good opener should have a long warranty that covers parts and motor of the opener. This will give you a peace of mind whenever operating the opener. Supportive customer care is also important when it comes to after sales service.

It is important to conduct a wide research on different garage door openers before settling on a particular model. This will not only save your time and money but will also ensure that you settle for a more convenient and easy to operate door according to your garage requirements.