What are the benefits of external vertical blinds?

If you’ve ever visited Germany or Netherlands, you will have probably noticed a lot of the homes feature outdoor blinds. These are pretty normal throughout parts of Europe and though they never really took off in the UK, they are becoming increasingly popular here. Outdoor blinds can be made to fit any space, including patio blinds, sun blinds, roller and external shutters and awnings, and most UK manufacturers will stock a vast array of colours and styles to maximise your outdoor area. Outdoor Blinds are a fantastic way of providing comfort, convenience and relaxation all year round, but they also have many other benefits.

Reduce glare from the sun

Whether you’re looking to catch your 40-winks, or simple wish to enjoy an afternoon nap in your living room, you can use external vertical blinds to reduce the glare that enters the room, and this process can be automated, at the click of a button! With less glare, you can also ensure your children enjoy their naptime, whilst you can make your home feel more private and peaceful whenever you like. In the UK, we simple shut the curtains, but why not press a button and have your external blinds get to work. It makes perfect sense for many homes, especially if you’re a lover of those summer time naps!

Why vertical?

Vertical blinds for the outside of your home are usually cheaper and easier to operate whilst they use fewer parts and therefore require less maintenance. They’re certainly cost effective and that’s clear to see when you visit parts of Europe, but we believe we’ll be seeing more of these in the UK too.

Save energy

Sometimes energy efficient just is not possible without embracing new technology, and vertical blinds can ensure your home is energy efficient, drastically reducing your energy bills. For example, on a cold winter’s night, when you shut the curtains, how much impact is that really having? Why choose a fabric alone? You can use external vertical blinds to ensure the window doesn’t freeze up, and honestly, it will make for a much more hospitable and comfortable living environment.


We can’t forget about the style they bring to a home. Whether they’re open or shut, they will add seething a little different to your home, making it stand out from others, whilst adding value to the property itself.

There are so many reasons why vertical blinds are increasingly popular, not just inside but outside the home, so if you want security, privacy, increased comfort and reduced bills, be sure to take a look at the current models from leading manufacturers.