Tips on laying turf

Whether you’re starting a new garden from scratch or transforming the look of an old garden, laying a turf is not an easy task. Before you buy the right topsoil for the job, you need to make sure weeds can not come through, so you’ll need a heavy duty ground cover to lay down before the topsoil. Then once you’ve picked the finest quality topsoil and distributed it evenly, you’ll need to make sure it’s pressed down so that it’s nice and compact. It should feel very hard to walk on when it’s been rolled, then you’re ready for the turf. Place the rolls down neatly so you have nice lines of turf rolled out. Be sure not to overlap. Then when you’ve covered all of the areas simply start treading it down. Once this step is done, you just need to water it and leave nature to do the rest. Then over the next few weeks you’ll need to make sure it’s watered twice a day (if it’s hot and sunny) or if you’re fortunate to have a few showers this may not always be necessary.