Removing Moss from Your Roof

Do you have a problem with moss growing on your roof? It is common for moss to grow on north facing roofs and can be very unsightly or even cause gaps to appear in your roof tiles and slats as it grows. This could lead to a leaky roof.

One way to rid your roof of the moss is to treat it with roof cleaner. Be sure to do this on a cloudy day so it does not evaporate. This will help the treatment to kill the moss and help stop it from growing back. When choosing a cleaner ensure to get one that is environmentally safe as the run-off could find its way into flowerbeds or lawns below and kill your plants. It usually takes 20 minutes for the roof cleaner to seep into the moss, then you can remove the moss with a stiff brush, possibly even a brush with an extendable pole, for ease.

You can also use plastic sheeting to protect nearby plants whilst applying the moss killer and hose down any small trees, plants and shrubs with water, after the cleaning, to dilute any spray or spillage that could have landed on nearby plants.