Potato Growing, the Easy Way

One excellent, new way of growing potatoes is through the use of specialised growing pots. These growing pots have an internal portion that you can pull out when needed, to check on or harvest your potatoes without any digging. You can get these pots in a pack of 3 for as little as £20! They would also be ideal for anyone with a small garden or could even be used on balconies as these pots do not require you to have a vegetable patch and are reusable.

To use them you only need to have the inner portion of the pot inside of the outer portion, fill with a multi-purpose compost and then put 3 seed potatoes about 10cm apart and in line with the openings of the inner pot portion. You then cover the potatoes with more compost until it is within 2-3cm of the top of the pot. You would then water thoroughly and put the pot in a warm, sunny location.

By watering regularly and adding a general purpose (balanced) liquid feed from 4 weeks after emergence, after around 10 weeks you should have new potatoes for harvesting. You would then simply lift the inner pot out carefully and remove some of the new potatoes. You can typically harvest again in 10-14 days.

These new planting pots make growing potatoes easy and efficient.