Painting Tips for Your Garden Fencing

Eventually the time will come when you will need to repaint your wood fencing. Repainting your fence can seem like a time-consuming and arduous job, but with a few tips, this project can run quite smoothly. This job may even turn out to be quite calming and refreshing. Beautifying your garden, so that you can better enjoy the nice weather will ensure that you can truly relax on your days of.

Things to Remember

• If you have just bought new fencing, it is easier to paint panels and posts before you put them up.
• Do not plan you painting job on a cold or wet day as it could ruin your project. It is recommended that the temperature is at least five degrees Celsius.
• Ensure that you do not paint on a very hot or sunny day either as the paint could dry too fast, and extreme heat and sunlight can decrease the protective properties of the paint.
• Remove old paint prior, by using either jet wash or sandpaper.
• The wood should be completely dry before painting.
• Be sure to choose the right paint or wood protectant for outdoor use.
• You should paint or treat your fencing every 2-3 years to help keep the wood protected.
• Using a primer or undercoat can help to make your wood paint last longer, protect the wood better and decrease the number of times you will need to refresh the paint.
• Be sure to protect any plants you do not want damaged during your project.

Painting your fencing by hand can take a long time so you may want to consider using a pump or power sprayer, as they can get the job done five to ten times faster. If you decide to use a sprayer, ensure to get paint that is designed for use with a sprayer. Sprayers should not be used on windy days.

Once your painting project is complete, you will have a new love for your garden and get to reap the benefits of protecting your fencing from the harsh elements.