Maximising Minimal Garden Space

It can be frustrating having a small garden but big gardening dreams. Even with a small space though, you can still create a beautiful outdoor retreat you can really enjoy.

Gardening Space Saving Tips

• Maximise your available space by creating a ‘layered’ affect. You can incorporate plants of various heights, from ground covers, up to shrubs to beautifully fill a small space with a variety of lovely plants.

• You can create vertical gardens along fences and walls with trellises, climbing plants and window boxes. Just use caution and try not to use the more invasive climbing and creeping plants, lest they become garden ‘bullies’.

• The use of hanging planters, columnar plants (more vertically growing plants) and ‘dwarf’ plants are other excellent space saving variations, to add diversity without taking up much room.

• Be sure to leave some empty space in your garden, to create balance and avoid over-crowding and therefore creating a claustrophobic environment.