Managing your gardens grass during the damp weather

Managing your garden can become a difficult task during those damp, cold months. With the leaves falling fast, you garden can be completely covered in twigs and leaves in the blink of an eye. It is important to keep your lawn clear of leaves and twigs, by raking these regularly through these winter months.

Clearing the leaves away allows the lawn to breath and stops it becoming too damp, which if left can destroy the grass completely. Although it is not recommended to cut your grass when wet, when there is a dry day, you should try to cut the lawn to help the roots of the grass breath.

Keeping on top of these small jobs during the cold wet seasons will help reduce your workload come spring and summertime, and your gardens lawn will be in much better condition. If you are not keen on the maintenance involved in grass you may want to consider other options such as paving slabs or synthetic grass.