Maintaining your Timber Garages

Timber garage doors have come a long way from generic-looking side-hinge barn doors. Now, they come in a whole lot of different materials, designs, and opening mechanisms. This variety makes it easy to select a system that would fit into any architectural design. It is important to take material and mechanism into consideration when choosing which type of door to install because it will affect the maintenance and repair procedures you will engage in.

Timber garages are gaining popularity these days because of their natural beauty and sturdiness. Timbers are heavy duty materials that are perfect for constructing buildings. A structure made from timber will definitely last for a long time. Furthermore, they make your garden more beautiful. It will look like a log cabin in a rustic setting. Metal and concrete garages are just purely functional. They do not beautify your outdoors.

Timber garages are also great investments because they add more worth to your property and home. If you decide to sell your home, you can get a lot more if you have a garage made of wood.
As an owner, the only thing that you need to do if you already have a timber garage is to know how to properly take care of them. By knowing how to properly take care of timber garages, you will also be able to take care of the things inside this building like your car, garden tools and equipment, and other objects. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain timber garages.

– If you are using your garage to keep a really expensive car, you might want to consider checking the locks and the overall security of the shed. Do the locks work? Are the doors and windows properly installed and hinged? By double checking these things, your car will be safe and sound inside the garage. However, try not to make it to obvious that you are keeping something expensive inside by installing bars at the windows and doors. Doing so will only attract robbers more.

– You should also check the overall condition of the structure, especially if you have constructed it using a prefab kit. Prefab kits are sometimes not as sturdy as the materials that you selected yourself because these are commercialised materials. And the manufacturers are trying to save money as much as they can. You have to do regular checking.

– Look out for leaks, especially at the roof or ceiling. Leaks are especially not good if you are using your garage as a storage structure. If you are keeping objects made of soft materials inside the garage like bedding, camping equipment like tent and sleeping bags, and curtains, leaks will keep them moist. And moist inside a dark and dingy garage is the perfect habitat for moulds to develop and grow. This bad condition in the interior of the garage is also ideal for rodents and other unwanted insects and animal pests. The amount of timber garage doors repair and maintenance work you will need would depend on the material of your door.