Maintaining your Stylish Timber Decking

Spring is the perfect time to invite friends and family members round to enjoy a barbecue and relax in the sun on your trendy decking, but you should do all you can to make sure it’s in tip top condition.

Thankfully, a timber decking is incredibly easy to clean when compared to patio slabs as it has a soft covering, making it easy to remove dirt and dust mites, whilst preventing bacterial growth. That said, if you do not give it the care and attention it needs, you may incur some damage over time so it’s always best to have a yearly clean up. Sanding the boards down and applying oil is what most people will do, and doing this every year will ensure your durable decking lasts a lifetime. In most cases, it takes a considerable amount of force to crack or timber, so it doesn’t generally pick up many issues over time.