In what situation would you choose a pergola over an awning?

Many people love spending time in their gardens. It not only allows you to feel closer to nature, but you can enjoy peace and quiet in your own garden – if you don’t have young children that is! So let’s say you’d like to make your garden more focused on entertaining, what could you do? Well, many people choose to install awnings and it’s a way in which you can boost protection from the sun, wind and rain. These are generally attached to the side of your home, and they extend over the entertaining area, so you get coverage and can continue enjoying your evening, even when the weather isn’t the best. Another popular option is choosing a pergola. These are generally more common in larger gardens, whereby you would like a space to relax and entertain your guests with 360 degree views of your garden. Pergolas are wooden structures which are very classy in their appearance, and they are mainly designed to be decorative. They are not generally designed to offer you protection, so if it rains you will need to move from beneath the structure, however, they’re designed to form a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice. They’re more of a summer feature, but they can also be designed to produce a green tunnel, you just need to understand the different types of pergola kits to choose the right one. This is essentially loosely woven wood with long slats on which climbers are grown, to make a passage that was both cool and shaded and moderately dry in a shower. So you’re giving nature a place to blossom, whilst adding style to your garden. For practicality, an awning makes perfect sense, but if you’re looking to make your garden more scenic and nature orientated, a pergola can be a great option.