How to grow cucumbers

Cucumbers are a popular vegetable in the UK and more commonly found in salads or used as a delicious dipping snack. The great news is that they are easy to grow even for beginners.

To start you will need to sow your seeds 2.5cm deep in pots to be kept indoors at the end of April. If you wish to sow directly outside you should aim to do this late May, early June but you will need to cover the soil above the seeds.

Cucumbers will need a warm spot to grow so it is best to sow your seeds in a spot which attracts a lot of sun, they are typically easier to grow in southern regions.

You will need to water them regularly and tie them to a sturdy support when needed such as a bamboo cane. When your cucumbers start flowering, feed them weekly with fertiliser.

Your cucumbers should be ready for harvest from midsummer to early autumn.