Growing Vegetables in Poor Soil

A complicated situation for any gardener is growing a decent crop of vegetables in poor soil. Many times, the soil in a particular area may not be suitable for growing certain types of vegetables. It may contain too much sand, too much clay, or even be too rocky. To grow in poor soil, there are several alternatives that may be used.

One method is to plant in raised beds. By creating a raised bed, you will have control as to what type of soil you are working with and it can be easily manipulated.

Another proven method is to change the existing soil. Depending on the soil type, certain things can be added to modify and improve the soil. You will have to determine which method is best in your circumstances.

One of the easiest methods is to find out what vegetables grow well in your existing soil and plant those specific plants. Every type of soil has many plants that thrive in the conditions it provides, the best thing to do, is to find out what they are!