Growing Columnar Fruit Trees

When you have a small garden, it can be difficult to have a large variety of plants and those plants also need to take up little space. One way to still have fruit trees, if your space is limited, it growing columnar fruit trees or training fruit trees to be vertical cordons. This method provides you with attractive yet fruitful plants that can either be planed 60-90cm apart or in containers for sunny patios or balconies.

When choosing the type and variety of fruit tree, be sure to research if the type you have chosen is self-fertile or not. If not, it will need a companion of the same species of the same flowering group or very close to it. This way, the two trees can pollinate one another. For new trees, you will want to ensure that you stake them well.

So if you are short on space, vertical cordon fruit trees are an excellent space-saving option for producing fruit-bearing trees in small gardens.