Garage Doors

The marketplace for garage doors is a vast one.  There is something for everyone with so many options available, including whether it will be a manual or electric garage door.  Here are a few of the various garage doors you can choose from. 

Up and Over Doors
Up and over garage doors were highly popular 50-60 years ago but are now less commonly used on new builds.  There are two varieties of up and over doors, a canopy or a retractable door. 

The canopy up and over has vertically mounted tracks that are installed within or behind the opening.  The door panel, when opening, swings outwards and upwards inside the garage underneath the ceiling.  Part of the door panel is left outside the garage to form a canopy, hence the name. 

A retractable garage door has ceiling mounted tracks that hold the door panel when opening and closing.  The garage door completely slides underneath the ceiling of the garage, so there is no canopy outside of the opening.

Both of these styles of garage doors are suited to manual operation. However, they can be made into electric opening doors.

Sectional Garage Door
This type of garage door is ideal if you have limited space.  The door itself is comprised of several sections of steel or wood that are hinged together.  The panels travel on tracks installed underneath the garage ceiling when opened and closed. Sectional garage doors are ideal for those who want an electrically operated door.

Roller Door
Roller garage doors offer a smooth vertical operation without the need for internal tracks. They are the ultimate garage door when it comes to space-saving.  They are usually made out of aluminium or steel and are automated as standard. 

Side Hinged
Side-hinged garage doors are also known as carriage house style doors and are typically made of wood. They open just like a standard house door (only outwards) and are locked with a key.

They are ideal for single opening garages.  As standard, side hinged garage doors are manual operation, but some can be automated if you wish. 

Side Sliding Door
Like a sectional door but on its side, this type of door slides into a side track without taking up any ceiling space. This type of door allows for partial opening of the garage door. It can be automated or left as a manual opening.

Bifold Door
This style of door is not widespread, but it is an option to consider.  Bifold doors provide you with an alternative that stands out. Most bifold doors are manually operated, but they can be made into electric doors. 

If you are looking for a standard garage that is simple and reliable, then the sectional door is the best option. 

For a garage door that is a little bit more special and visually appealing, the bifold or side-hinged door can give you that unique look.  The downside is that this type of door is the most expensive option. 

If space is your most significant issue, then the roller door is the best option as no additional tracks are needed.