Choosing the perfect flooring for your garden

Now winter is almost over you can start to think about what great ideas you can create in your garden and get outdoors.

Gardens are a great place to socialise with your family and friends, the open environment is relaxing and creates the perfect atmosphere with your guests. However, if your garden is looking like it is well over due a makeover then there is no better time to start planning.

One of the most important parts to your garden is flooring, whether you are looking for a low maintenance style or you like to give your garden the time and maintenance it needs, choosing the best flooring is a great place to start.

If you want to have turf, a more traditional style, there are easy options for you to update your lawn. You could add grass seeds and water regularly to see you turf be brought back to life, however if you need to start from scratch you need to get planning. Setting a base for your lawn is important as you want the grass to bed into the soil. Creating a flattened area and placing good quality soil before laying the turf is a must. The turf is best not to be laid during the wet months as the grass will not get the sunlight it needs to attach and grow. In the hotter months, laying grass is perfect but it will need watering regularly to feed the new roots.

Alternatively, you could opt for a garden with no turf and get rid of your lawn mower for good, and choose slabs or decking. IF you still prefer the look of a lawn in your garden but do not want the hassle then a great new option is AstroTurf, this is becoming a very popular option for new home owners as it is very easy to maintain.