Choosing Metal Residential Gates Over Wooden Gates

Garden gates, driveway gates and railings for residential properties are widely available in two main materials: metal and timber. Choosing metal gates for homes and gardens is a popular choice, but some people still tend to prefer wood. Whilst both are viable materials and it does always come down to personal preference, there are situations in which metal gates will always be superior. More people are exploring the possibility of metal gates for their properties, and the host of benefits that comes with choosing them.

Metal gates are beneficial for a number of reasons, which will be explored in more detail. This not least will come down to the way the gates are made and designed, from quality materials that will stand the test of time and prove to be good value for money. Here are some of the top reasons to choose residential metal gates:

  1. Appearance. Metal gates can be anything you want them to be: a neutral black gate that blends in with the rest of the property, a large driveway gate that makes a statement, an attractive and traditional wrought iron style side gate, and anything else you can think of. Thanks to their colour and design, metal gates can look just as at home on a traditional or modern property and can enhance other features of the home.
  2. Longevity. Metal gates usually have a powder coated finish which will make them low maintenance and will prevent rust forming. If gates are supplied with a primer finish, they will need to be painted in order to avoid rust. This will need to be done on a regular basis. Wooden gates that are exposed to the elements outdoors can rot and may need more maintenance, so metal gates are a very good choice.
  3. Excellent fit. Metal gates come in a range of sizes to suit existing gate posts. They can also be made to measure if a bespoke size is needed so the perfect fit is always achievable. There is no need to put up with an ill-fitting gate that is less than perfect.

What types of metal gates are available for homes?

Metal gates can do all of the jobs of wooden gates, often just as effectively, if not more so. These are the most popular types of metal gates that can be purchased for homes:

  • Garden gates. These might be used as an entrance to the garden at the front of the property, or at the back or side of the property.
  • Driveway gates. Closing over a driveway for additional privacy and security, driveway gates are there to provide an important function as well as to complement the appearance of the home.
  • Side gates. A metal side gate enhances security and helps prevent unwanted access to the side and back of the property. It is also there to look aesthetically pleasing and to complement the property‚Äôs appearance.

There are also many options for metal railings and fencing that will go with metal gates, in terms of the style, colour and overall aesthetic.