14 Winter Plants that are Great for Winter Colour

Don’t let the gloomy UK winter get you down! Why not get some lovely winter bloomers to brighten up you garden? Getting plants that will do well in containers is ideal as you can always keep the ones that are currently blooming in the most ideal viewing space or optimise on their sun exposure.

14 Lovely Winter Plants

1. Winter-flowering Heather
2. Winter-flowering Pansies
3. Violas
4. Ivy
5. Ornamental Cabbages
6. Gaultheria Procumbens
7. Snow Drops
8. Skimmia Japonica
9. Cornus (dogwood)
10. Phormium
11. Ajuga
12. Christmas Rose
13. Carex
14. Hardy Cyclamen

You can also use large pots and mix a few of these items to have a nice variated planter, by layering the plants by height. Start with the tallest plants in the centre then work your way to shorter plants, like ground plants on the edge. Keep your garden looking alive and vibrant during the winter months with some of these hardy options.