10 Plants that Naturally Repel Pests

Are you having trouble with an abundance of pests in your garden? Do you begrudge the thought of covering everything is chemicals that repel bugs and pests? Well, one way to help naturally repel unwanted pests or unsavoury bugs, is by cultivating some plants that will help keep away the more annoying pests.

1. Marigolds
2. Lavender
3. Mint
4. Basil
5. Rosemary
6. Pennyroyal
7. Chrysanthemums
8. Alliums
9. Lantana
10. Nasturtiums

All ten of these lovely plants can help repel plant pests that are harmful to your garden plants or vegetables and bugs that are likely to cause annoyance to humans. Many of them also produce lovely blooms that will add to the beauty of your garden. Several of these are also helpful herbs that can be used in other ways such as teas, cooking or providing a lovely aroma. Give these naturally pest repelling plants a go this year, to cut down on the number of bothersome bugs in your garden.