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Fancy Strawberries?

Strawberries are perfect on a summer’s day, especially around Wimbledon (with cream of course), and what better way to enjoy them than to grow them yourself.  Here are some expert tips on preparing your strawberries ready for the summer. The earlier you plant your strawberry seed (avoiding Jack Frost’s grip), the longer you will have…

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All About Garden Decking

When you own a property with a garden, you are likely to want somewhere to sit and relax. Commonly people will choose to lay a patio or decking as a foundation for their seating to be placed on. Rather than comparing the two, we are going to focus solely on decking, helping you to understand…

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What are sleepers in a garden?

Railway sleepers are large rectangular sawn timbers that have historically been used to lay rail tracks, but now you’ll often find them used in a variety of landscaping and gardening applications, including raised beds, lawn and border edging, steps, pathways, and retaining walls. Why are they so popular? Sleepers are popular in gardening and landscaping…