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Can garden fencing improve your home?

A number of homeowners consider fencing as a means of increasing the value of their homes. While fencing your garden is a form of home improvement, it can increase the price of your home upon selling, but how much of a difference can it make? Well, let’s say you have brand new fencing that’s strong,…

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What are the benefits of external vertical blinds?

If you’ve ever visited Germany or Netherlands, you will have probably noticed a lot of the homes feature outdoor blinds. These are pretty normal throughout parts of Europe and though they never really took off in the UK, they are becoming increasingly popular here. Outdoor blinds can be made to fit any space, including patio…

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Why every barbecue is better with a decking

Today’s post will cover a big question that we always ask all the time. Is barbeque better with decking? The answer is, yes. But, why every barbeque is better with decking? Below are several reasons why. Easy to Clean You don’t want to have a greasy grass on your front yard, do you? The only…